Off Road Caravans – The Nomad’s Dream

Are you a wannabe nomad? Deep in your heart, do you long to just take off and travel somewhere new and unexpected? Do you want to meet some new people who share a similar joy in leaving behind all the usual trappings of daily life?

Maybe you want to go on a journey, where you’re free to do what you want, when you want to do it? Do you want to see a side of Australia not often seen? Do you want to go where you can enjoy the peace and quiet, the unspoilt beauty, and the solitude that Australia offers where the air still smells fresh, and there’s room to breathe?

People of many ages are looking for affordable ways to travel and really get to see the countryside. Their searches show them that off road caravans provides a unique opportunity to do so.

An Unlimited Realm of Possibility

You can go bush camping, use free routes, or travel national parks. The parks have showers, electricity, and other like-minded people to meet and chat with. It’s hard to beat happy hour in a camp, around a convivial fire, sharing your traveling stories with others and hearing theirs, making new friends along the way.

You can also check out the historical backgrounds of the places you visit. Stop and chat with some of the locals and hear their stories too. Australia’s a vast country, and there are so many stories of how different communities began. Much of it is available for free, the only price being your curiosity and a willingness to chat with some of the locals.

But you also need to know there are some critical differences between a regular caravan and an off-road one. Yes, both are suited to outdoor adventures, but only the off-road ones can safely take you away from the bitumen and off the beaten track.

Having the World at Your Fingertips

There’s also no limit to where you can travel in an off-road caravan, bringing the wide world of Australia right to your door-step and wherever your adventure calls you.

Off-road caravans also have more storage space and a larger capacity fresh water tank. Their batteries are more powerful and there are extra gas cylinders. They’re also equipped with bigger solar panels to decrease your travel costs.

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Caravans For Sale Offer A Whole New Life

Have you had enough of your urban lifestyle and want to escape to the outback on holiday? Maybe you’re an active pensioner and have heard about the Grey Nomads - and you like what you’ve heard!

Why RV Travel?

If you decide to take the plunge, you’ll be joining the millions of camper and caravan enthusiasts in Australia. The lifestyle appeals to so many because it makes so much sense: the scenery is best taken in while on the road. There are so many caravans for sale in Townsville that ffer the best of all worlds: the privacy and coziness of being home, the adventure and freedom of an expedition, and the thrill of travel.

Australia itself was custom made for caravan travel, boasting some of the most diverse natural environments on earth. There thousands of miles of coastline that ranges from the drama of rough, rocky beaches to the serene relaxation of sand and surf. Australia’s outback offers views unlike any other. And nature enthusiasts who love plants and animals will not be disappointed, as there are millions of different species of both.

Think Before You Buy

Once you’ve decided to embark on a journey by caravan, it’s important to consider your needs in finding just the right type of vehicle. Pop-top caravans are popular for their flexibility and easy maintenance. Take into consideration your comfort level in “roughing it”. If you want to stick to road travel and camper sites, the standard caravan will suit best. If you’re the adventurous type, wanting to explore the wild up-close and first hand, the Off Road caravan will deliver, providing the durability of all-terrain vehicles. Other factors in your decision include:

  • The number of passengers

  • The length of time you’ll spend

  • The distance you’ll travel

  • The season you prefer to take holiday

  • The extent of amenities you’d like to have

Another consideration is your budget. Some prefer new vehicles because they plan on making a long-term commitment to the lifestyle of a caravan traveler. The investment is worth it in the long run. Others may opt for used vehicles in terms of usage, budget and way of life.

Help is on the way!

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Finding Adventure Starts With Caravan Sales!

Are you looking for caravan sales to reconnect as a family in today’s technology-driven, social media-obsessed world? Do you your parents and your children could spend more quality time together to create precious memories? Why not join another trend? Gramping! So, what is Gramping? It’s camping that includes three generations of the family - the grandparents, parents and kids.

A caravan is the perfect way to enjoy Gramping. Australia boasts over 2.620 holiday parks, so there’s no shortage of locations for your family to enjoy together. Many sites are even pet-friendly!

Whether you choose an easily towable pop-up, or a larger, more feature-rich campervan, purchasing a caravan can provide your family with many years worth of fun, special times, and memorable bonding experiences. No special driving licence is required. There is truly something for everyone.

Experience the Joy of Caravanning With Loved Ones

Caravan holidays are an economical choice for many Aussie families. Lodging costs can practically be eliminated, as free and low-cost camping sites are available. With access to barbeque facilities at most caravan sites, even if you choose a unit that doesn’t have a kitchen, you can still cook many of your meals to increase savings. Caravan camping sites also offer electricity, hot water, showers and laundry facilities. Feeling more adventurous? Save even more money by bush camping - even for just part of your trip.

Purchasing a caravan is a great decision for many families. Imagine being able to simply go away for a weekend of family bonding close to home, while also enjoying an adventure on a longer summer holiday! Joining a caravan club can help you meet others who also savour the benefits of caravan ownership.

Many choices are available in size, features and price. Remember, you don’t have to buy a new model. There are plenty of quality used caravans to be found. If you do decide to purchase a used caravan, make sure you buy from a licenced dealer. This is the only way to be sure you have a clear title on the caravan you buy. Unlike private sellers, a licenced dealer will perform a comprehensive check to make sure you aren’t buying a stolen unit! The dealer can also make sure your choice is not encumbered - that nobody owes any money on it.

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Taking Treks to New Distances Starts with a Good Dealer in Townsville

A good caravan dealer in Townsville should understand the diverse needs of their customers and already have a visual of the Australian journeys their customers will be taking; whether this means they will be doing more conventional driving or taking the caravan far off the beaten path. When a customer goes into a caravan dealership, a sales person should promptly greet them, ready to make the buying experience just as much an adventure as driving and/or living in it will be.

It is not just up to the caravan dealer to do their homework. The customer should do theirs as well. It is important for both parties to have a solid idea of what the vehicle will be used for prior to the customer making a hefty and committed purchase.

For instance, when a customer says, “I will be doing a lot of off-road driving,” does that mean they will need a caravan with heavy duty suspension and 6-ply tyres? Or do they simply need a lighter-weight vehicle with more standard 4WD to drive a couple miles down a bumpy dirty road to their accessible destination?

If the customer is not yet sure what they will be using the vehicle for, below are some reasons people purchase and use caravans:

  • To have an easy-to-tow camper to park and stay in over a short holiday at a local campsite

  • A pop-up place to crash in after a long day of scaling new terrains

  • An accommodating and top-of-the line recreational vehicle home to both drive and live in during a cross-country excursion

When buying a caravan, communication is key. A good caravan dealer will listen to their customer talk about their plans for the use of the vehicle, but will also remind them that while they are ready to explore new territory, these vehicles come with territory of their own: maintenance and storage requirements. We have come a long way from the VW buses of the 1960s, and a caravan dealer can educate you on what is currently out there, waiting for you to take on any kind of outdoor adventure.

Because the caravan buying experience should be pleasurable and affordable, a variety of budget-friendly finance options are available. Please visit Rising Sun Car and Caravan in Townsville to view the wide selection of both used and new caravans we have ready for you to take on the road. Go to, now.